“Serenity is not freedom from the storm but peace within the storm. What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters, compared to what lies within us” 


Ralph Waldo Emerson




Who is Janus?

Janus Counselling & Psychotherapy has taken its name from Roman mythology; Janus representing change, transitions and new beginnings. The first of January was dedicated by the Romans to their God of Gates and Doors; Janus. In his role as the Guardian of Exits and Entrances, Janus was also believed to represent beginnings. The explanation for this belief being that one must emerge through a door or gate in order to enter into a new place; the first steps of a journey. Therefore, the Romans also considered Janus as the God of Beginnings and his name was an obvious choice for the first month of their year..."January," taken from the Etruscan word jauna which means "door."

A very Old Italian God, Janus has a distinctive artistic appearance in that he is commonly depicted with two faces...one regarding what is behind and the other looking toward what lies ahead. Thus, Janus is representative of contemplation on the happenings of an old year while looking forward to the new.

The concept that Janus is the God of boundaries and transitions, of doorways and new beginnings links with the process of counselling and psychotherapy which may facilitate change and new beginnings for clients.  The two faces may represent looking at our present and past patterns of behaviour while becoming mindful of our choice of behaviours in the future or alternatively they may represent looking inwards at our feelings versus outwards at our behaviour, or the unconscious versus the conscious; the number of interpretations is myriad and may be coupled with many aspects of the counselling process.